Binance made the most bitcoin trades in April

Last April, Binance carried out the largest volume of bitcoin (BTC) buying and selling operations in Brazil, going from a share of 23.52% in March to 29.05%. It was the second month that the brokerage led this ranking, according to a survey by Cointrade Monitor.

The report also pointed to a movement of 30,276 bitcoins in April, an increase of 10.98% compared to the volume recorded in March (27,280.79). In reais, the data for April is equivalent to R$ 9.7 billion, an increase of 13.9% compared to the previous month.

Cointrader Monitor tracks information from 32 exchanges operating in Brazil through their respective information channels (API). During the month of April, the 4th was the day with the lowest movement, with 401.47 BTC; the 23rd was the busiest, with 2,145.98 BTC.

According to the report, the value of bitcoin fell by 6.72% in April, from BRL 338,009.16 on the 1st to BRL 315,291.85 on the 30th.

Annual Comparison

In comparison with previous years, Cointrader Monitor indicates that the volume of bitcoins traded was 22.99% lower than the volume of April 2019 and 7.16% lower than the volume of April 2020.

However, if the analysis is based on the volume traded in reais, the report points to a jump of 663% compared to April 2020, given that the volume went from BRL 1.3 billion to more than BRL 9, 7 billion.

This explosive growth of the corresponding volume in reais is due to the value of the BTCBRL. In 2019, the average value of Bitcoin in Real was BRL 29,532.11; in 2020 it was BRL 58,041.26. And now, in 2021, until April 30, it was BRL 269,270.50.

Binance doesn’t just lead the market in bitcoin. The company is a leader among exchanges and says it will expand its operation in the country. It has already bought Sim;paul, from traditional investments and says it will make other acquisitions.

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